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August 18 2017

Why Event Grid is a game-changer for Serverless

Remember when “Send/Receive” used to be one of the most prominent and most pressed buttons in Outlook? Or when it would sometimes take 30 minutes before an email showed up on your phone? Sometime in the...

March 13 2017

In Software, Progress is Better Than Perfection

One of the favorite parts of my job in Microsoft Azure is working every day with our users and customers. Our users are solving some of the toughest business and technical problems in the world, and...

March 3 2017

Build custom Alexa skills with Azure Logic Apps or Microsoft Flow

OK Google, how many new users did we get in our product yesterday?

Alexa, swap back production and staging slots.

Hey Cortana, send my SharePoint documents for approval.

January 30 2017

Calling a Logic App from an HTML form

Recently my brother was interested in testing out a concept for a business/website. One of his first steps was the assess interest, so we wanted to get a quick page out that people could find and...